If you do not work in the out of home (OOH) industry, the terminology can be very confusing. We need to understand what we are buying so here are a few common terms you will see on the billboard listings and what each one means:

  • Out of Home Media (OOH) All media formats specifically intended to reach consumers outside the homecars passing billboard
  • Daily Impressions or daily effective circulation (DEC) is the average number of persons (18+) in vehicles that could potentially be exposed to an outdoor display for either 12 hrs or 18hrs.
  • Traffic count is another term you will see listed by some billboard companies. Traffic count is a count of vehicles passing by a particular road, hwy, or intersection. The Department of Transportation provides these numbers on their website. You can find this with a quick google search.
  • Weekly Impressions are a more accurate measurement. The total number of contacts made with your target audience in one week.
  • DMA is Designated Market Area – A television market area defined by Nielsen Media Research that is also used by advertisers for multi-media planning. DMAs are non-overlapping and cover the entire United States. You can find the DMA by clicking here

for more information on these visit OAAA.org Glossary of Terms